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Dewey lab is a plant molecular biology lab focusing on tobacco harm reduction.  We exploit state of the art technologies to improve efficiency and quality of agricultural crops. 

Dewey Lab is headed by,

Ralph E Dewey


Philip Morris Professor of Crop Science




Office: 212 Partners III 
Phone: 919.515.2705 


BS: Utah State University 
MS and PhD: North Carolina State University 
Postdoc: Waksman Institute, Rutgers University 

Dr. Dewey received his graduate training in Plant Molecular Biology at North Carolina State University with Dr. C. S. Levings III and Dr. David Timothy as his mentors. Funded by an NSF postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Dewey received additional experience at the Waksman Institute, Rutgers University under the direction of Dr. Daniel F. Klessig. Since 1991, Dr. Dewey has applied the techniques of molecular biology toward the identification and characterization of genes of potential agronomic value as a faculty member in the Department of Crop Science, NCSU.


He team teaches the course Molecular Biology in Plant Breeding (CS/GN/HS 720) together with Dr. Rongda Qu.

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