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Meet The Team


Carol Griffin

Lab manager, research technician, and building liaison.


BS: Meredith College 


Carol, more than anyone else, keeps the lab running smoothly.


Dr. Jianli Lu

Research Associate


BS and MS: Agricultural University of Hebei, China 
PhD: North Carolina State University 


Jianli spearheads projects designed to reduce the levels of carcinogenic TSNAs in tobacco


Will Smith

Research Technician


BS: North Carolina State University 



Dr. Devarshi Selote

if_square-linkedin_317725 (1).png

Postdoctoral Research Associate


BS: DAVV, Indore, and Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India 
MS and PhD: Nagpur University, India 


Dev's projects involve the application of genome editing and transformation technologies to introduce harm reduction traits into tobacco.


Dr. Xiaoyan Sheng

Research Technician

BS: University of Guangxi, China 

MS: Agricultural University of Hunan, China

MS: University of Saskatchewan, Canada
PhD: Virginia Tech


Xiaoyan's projects mainly focus on development of Cis-genic tobacco plants that are resistant to tobacco mosaic virus through protoplast transformation.

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Niharika N Chandrakanth

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Graduate Student

BE: BVB College of Engg and Tech, India 
MS: North Carolin State University


Niharika's project aims at maximizing alkaloid levels in Nicotiana tabacum.

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